Etiquette When Trying on a Wedding Dress in Store

After some recent discussion with our bridal boutiques it has come to my attention that we needed to write an article on Wedding Dress Etiquette when in store. Trying on and choosing the Wedding Dress is the best part of the whole wedding for you. You want this to be an enjoyable experience, but with that there are some house rules when you are in a bridal store,DUBAI BRIDAL SHOWROOM.

Make an Appointment 
Make an appointment two weeks in advance with the bridal boutique that you would like to visit. Some bridal boutiques may take walk-ins, but most bridal boutiques will request that you make an appointment before coming in. A person that has made an appointment will be given consideration over you.

Time to try on Dresses 
Allocate approximately 1-2 hours to try on dresses. Dress shops are very busy on the weekends and may only allow you to try on dresses for an hour. Weekday appointments are generally not quite as busy and ideal if you want to spend more time trying on dresses and talking with your sales person.

Be Prepared 
Most bridal boutiques do not have showrooms that allow you to browse through their collection of dresses. All of their dresses are usually stored away in a back room and your sales person will go and bring to you dresses that she feels is suited to what you are looking for. Therefore it is important to be prepared to describe what types of dresses you are interested in trying on during your visit. Bring pictures or descriptions of dresses you would like to see. With limited time, this will help your sales person quickly identify dresses to bring to you and make your visit more productive.

Your Budget 
Be prepared to discuss your price budget with your sales person. This will allow her to bring you dresses that are in your price range.

Dressing Rooms 
Bridal Boutique dressing rooms are generally large enough to accommodate 1-2 guests.

Getting dressed 
Because dresses can be heavy and even delicate, the sales person will likely dress and undress you. Dresses need to be hung nicely once you have finished trying on the dress – not just dumped in the corner of the dressing room. Zips can be caught in the material and torn if not handled correctly. Your salesperson’s job is to help you with the dress, allow her this.

Photo taking of dresses in not permitted 
Bridal boutiques DO NOT allow photos. COPYRIGHT LAWS ARE IN PLACE. It is not only disrespectful but also disloyal to the designer (and company). There are many “style-shoppers”. These are people who have no intention of buying. They are having their gown made and are simply looking for what style suits them best. Bridal Stores will not allow photos until a deposit is paid and an order placed.

Although most bridal shops will have bras and shoes that you can wear with your gown, it’s always best to bring a strapless bra and shoes (approximately the same as what you intend on wearing for your big day) with you.

Take Notes 
Be sure to note the dresses that you are interested in. If you are tossing-up on a selection of dresses – “sleep on it” before making a decision. Make sure all the dresses you’re interested are noted for reference. After visiting a few bridal boutiques and trying on dresses, it can be difficult to remember which one is which and at which shop you tried it on.

Couture Dresses 
Most couture dresses are custom made (not off the rack). Expect Bridal shops to request either a sizeable non-refundable deposit or payment in full. Be sure to read the contract they will ask you to sign to verify that the size and style are correct. Mistakes can be made and you are usually liable for the dress if you sign the contract.

Personal Hygiene 
Deodorant is an absolute MUST. Bad odour can not be removed from the gown without dry cleaning. This can cost the owner hundreds of dollars. Customers do not want to try on a smelly, soiled gown. Take deodorant with you, just in case.Avoid wearing spray tan on the day you decide to try on dresses, as you perspire the tan rubs onto the dress. 
Avoid brings young children and prams (when possible)

Children have a very short attention span. This is an adult environment. Play areas or toys are not provided. A crying baby or an active child can make what should be a pleasant day, quite stressful, whether it be the bride’s children or her friends child. It is far better to arrange for the child/children to be looked after in their own home, for an hour or so. The bride will be grateful as she is not having to contend with little ones. (The assistant will be more relaxed and can focus on the beautiful bride)

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